Hawkeye Medical Placement is a physician and advanced practitioner placement firm founded by Kyle Leslie, who gained her extensive experience with a progressive healthcare system as an in-house medical staff recruiter. Hawkeye was formed with a singular focus: To bring together highly qualified candidates and job opportunities that offer a high rate of long-term success.

There is a considerable shortage of medical practitioners to fulfill a surplus of job openings within the healthcare industry. Too often, providers jump into positions that are not the right fit due to a lack of time available to devote to his or her job search. On the other side, healthcare organizations bear a heavy burden to fill open positions quickly.

Hawkeye Medical Placement has enjoyed a high rate of success in filling very difficult searches with excellent candidates in a timely manner. Whether you are a medical professional seeking a rewarding new career opportunity, or a healthcare organization with a critical position to fill within your organization, Hawkeye Medical Placement will find you the right fit.


Kyle Leslie


Experienced, personable and professional with a vast knowledge of the medical staff recruitment process from beginning to end for all specialties. She also possesses a strong working knowledge of compensation structure, common loan repayment programs and physician immigration process and regulations.


Hawkeye Medical Placement provides services to both healthcare organizations
and the talented individuals who help them thrive.


Physicians and Advanced Practitioners seldom have the free time required to locate the job opportunity that best meets all of their professional and personal criteria. Let's talk about all of the details that are important to you, including preferred geographic location, a desired organizational role, compensation and schedule. We will then use this information as a guiding light to find you the perfect fit.


We understand there is a lack of available time to devote to sourcing great providers for your open positions. Let Hawkeye find and pre-screen potential candidates. We will present only those who are highly qualified and seriously interested in your position.